About this fundraiser

I've had intensions to build my online business in order to save up enough money to pay for Sophie's oral surgery, while working a full-time job. Sophie is the Love of my life. She has seen it ALL! Kayaking, hiking, cliff jumping and of course swimming. These days she has slowed down to one block around the house on her good days. She is on daily meds to ease her sore body. She STILL tries to keep up and it's my duty to remind her to slow down for her heart. CBD is helping A LOT. I'm thankful for any donations or contributions for my girl. She is 16 years old and with her bougie diet I expect her to be around for another few years. Shout out to Dr. Marty's pet food. 

Her teeth are REALLY bad. She has only a handful left, yet more NEED to go otherwise she is susceptible to infections on her mouth causing blood poison. I've already pulled one out myself and luckily it was a small one. I won't risk her life. 

The proceeds will go towards her procedure, and medication like antibiotics and pain meds. It will be a full teeth cleaning and taking out the bad ones that already bleed with gingivitis. Dr. Wilkinson is the BEST! 

Your contribution for my Little Hairy Potato means that she gets to keep putting smiles on everyone's faces, she continues her FAVORITE activity (eating) and I get to spend more time with her honoring all she has done for me, with me throughout my life. She teaches me how to be patient, when to give her space, when she needs a pat, belly scratch or ear rub. And especially she teaches me to keep my heart open because love is the greatest above all. 

I send infinite gratitude for your donations and contributions. 


Lyn Yang

Organized by

Jashlyn Yang

Duluth, MN, USA