About this fundraiser

Hello, this is our 9-year-old cat, Bud. He is the perfect cat anyone could ever ask for. Last week, we noticed his mood changed and he was in a lot of pain. We were very concerned and decided we needed to take him to the vet, even though we knew it was going to cost us a lot. The vet told us that he was diagnosed with Crystalluria, which is similar to kidney stones but in cats. He had small crystals in his urine and was peeing blood. They had to keep him overnight, keep him hooked up to IV’s, and monitor him. When we brought him back the next day, his mood seemed so much better, but he’s still struggling to pee. Our bill ended up being $979, not covering his future check up’s and special cat food, and we are unable to pay this because unfortunately, we don’t have the funds for this.

That’s why I’m creating this GoFundMe in order to assist us with his hospital bill, medicine costs, and special urinary care food.

Anything is greatly appreciated, even sharing our story means a lot to us. Thank you ❤️

Organized by

Aryssa Gallardo

North Las Vegas, NV, USA