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  • Emmett’s home….

    May 2…

    I haven’t posted in a while, I wanted to give an update since there are handful of people who don’t have social media. Emmett was released from rehab April 25th today marks one week at home. He had many goals but the biggest one in writing that he looked every single day in rehab was to, “walk outta here” and he accomplished just that. There were many days he felt that wasn’t possible, but anyone who knows Emmett he’s determined! He used his walker, walked out the front doors on his own with his medical team cheering him on. On the home side of things it’s been challenging, rehab was easier because it’s ADA friendly there vs at home it’s not. Emmett has been managing around our home, this is all in thanks because of this account. From all the donations it has made is possible to have some modifications such as the bathroom, our bedroom and even the tools he needs since he has limitations on movement. He works on walking around a couple times a day with his walker, works with weights on his own and he has custom leg braces that have spring on the bottom foot to help with walking and getting around. We don’t have a stair chair, I did apply for a grant and it’s in the process for approval. Emmett currently bumps up and down the stairs and manages until we can get the grant finalized, I hope we get this! Not sure yet when Emmett will be returning to work, he needs to be medically cleared. He is learning a routine at home and has a lot of appointments for everything, from OT, PT, doc and etc. during one doc appt on his knee a few days ago, since he had broke that during the accident but also has no MCL and no ACL, the doc told him he didn’t think Emmett would have this much movement let alone being able to walk! He was very impressed how far in sort period of time he has come and for it to be this early on. He told him don’t stop and to do what it takes to keep moving, people with spinal cord injuries around 12-18 months tells them where they are going to be at more permanently in life. Emmett is incomplete, we don’t know if there is more progress yet to come, if this is where he will stay it’s all to hard to tell. I feel it inside my heart Emmett will continue to make progress, he’s got the drive and heart! He also has his kids and myself pushing and cheering him on daily. Each day is a new day, it’s different and we are figuring it as time rolls around, there are good days and bad days. There are no books or answers on this since every SCI is different, but one thing I see in common are the people who have the drive to keep on going and my husband is one of them! Just yesterday Emmett was medically cleared to be able to learn how to drive, he has to take a class since he will need modifications to be able to drive. If you ask Emmett this is one of his top goals, to drive! I try to share on social media FB or Instagram on how things are going, but I won’t lie it’s so busy for me. From kids, Emmett, work and also tackling many things that use to be both of us and now it’s me…. Thank you everyone for all the love and support! This life changing event isn’t easy but we do find the positives, the laughs and smiles during the time of tears…. Thank you again ❤️ your welcome to add me on social media or Emmett… see how our journey is as we navigate this road….

    Emmett’s home….

About this fundraiser

Post from my sister. Please, keep my brother in your prayers as well as his wife and children. ❤️

Yesterday my husband and I went out to check the demo sleds at Turnagain. It was suppose to be just a quick ride 15-20 minutes. As I was standing there, I heard the radios start chatting. I knew someone had wrecked but didn’t know how bad or who, I kept asking but they told me they weren’t sure. I didn’t have a sled it was on back of the truck, I was just waiting for my husband and not riding.

10 minutes goes by and I could feel it that something was wrong, you just get that feeling. I kept asking people I didn’t know, still had nothing and one of the guys I saw take off and came back, told me it was my husband, he radio asking if it was okay that I go to my husband. I explained to him he needed to take him, I didn’t care how. Before I took off to see my husband I called our son, told his dad had wrecked, I didn’t know much other than they were trying to get him out of the creek bed, we lost cell service.

I get to my husband, I could tell he was in pain. I knew from looking at him something was really wrong. Thankfully an off duty fire/ems saw what happen and was helping the other guys out that were taking care of my husband. There was a lot of guys that were hands on in action for my husband, getting him out of that creek.

From getting him out of the creek (thankfully didn’t have to much water but was very step) which was a random accident, to wait for the helicopter to be air lifted to Providence. There was no room for me in there, I drove myself and let me tell you I have never prayed so hard, never drove so fast to get somewhere in my life. I honestly didn’t have cell service during this, was hit and miss out there updating our kids.

We have discovered Emmett broke his back, the hospital wasted no time on taking him in for surgery. I am currently sitting here with my son, it’s pushing 6 hours, we did have an update he is doing good last we heard almost 2 hours ago.

I am thankfully for the people who kept him warm by heating water bottles, using hand warmers, sleeping bags. Thankful to all the guys who didn’t leave his side till he was on that helicopter, from the team that was there, to EMS to just by standards. Everyone did such an outstanding job and I can’t thank them enough!

I don’t know what our road looks like yet, but just know it’s overwhelming with everything that happen. I did reach out his family, I have asked his sister to communicate any updates.

If you can do anything it’s prayers for my family, we need it! Please pray for Emmett ❤️❤️

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