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Hi,my name is Kristy. My world is falling apart , I dont wont to lose anymore . My husband and I could use a donation if you feel lead to share or donate we would greatly appreciate it. I want to start out with an apology I am not the best speller or writer.My whole life including before being born has been struggling to survive. I was abused as a kid, I was in a car accident as a kid, I came from an abusive split home and never wanted my son to experience what I had to go through. I went to college to try and become a physiologist, I was put down because of all the things I had been through I didnt make my diploma. I got married the first time bought a house with a settelment that was left to me , the ex husband cheated ,went through mental abuse I was never good enough at anything I tried to succeed at and his family ended up with the house and left me in debt I had to pay off a bunch of credit cards,vehicle repo,his mother told me I should have never had my son and she was glade I had everything paid for the day I left with my son. No matter how many times I tried to better mine and my sons life the trauma I went through never left my head and I can't get out in public and deal with the everyday harassment and trauma. He has since then gotten custody of our little man and my husbands ex has custody of our other little man. I meet the man of my dreams Josh in 2019 after a bad breakup which I lost more sentimental stuff and another vehicle repo and in 2021 Josh and I got married . We have two boys who we love dearly and miss very much .I started working in the Healthcare they made me take the covid shot which I believe has a factor in my memory loss . Also working with the Healthcare was traumatizing seeing how individuals and workers are treated in that field. We lost several loved ones due to covid .We have been through a lot ,my husband has about died on me several times. I also have been very unhealthy , I was still working though until I got fired before Christmas because I had to miss so much do to health ,mental health, Dr appts, and harrresment. I have been out of work for awhile now and he has been out of work for 5 years . He applied for disability but we didn't really know how to go about it . I have now applied and seem to be getting a little further but it is taking time. We owe a family memeber a tremendous amount and we owe upcoming bills and medical travel, unable to purchase medicine needed for my husband and myself that isnt covered undermedicade,cant get a dentist to see me either . I am in debt over my eyebrows,with my mental health I am unable to work. Have been through a lot during my 30 years of living. I am looking for help with monthly expense while I wait for approval on disibilty. My faith and my husband is keeping me a little a float I am praying everyday .Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read .Appreciate your time,shares and donations.

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Kristy Stinson

Tazewell, VA, USA