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Hi, my name is Melanie and my fundraising is for my dog Mr. Bean. On December 25, 2023, Mr. Bean my dachshund was admitted to the animal emergency hospital as his back legs paralyzed. The veterinary explained to me that he has to see a neurologue specialist for a surgery of a cost of 10 000$ to 12 000$. The other option was to try medication for two weeks and see if he has improvement. I met the veterinary yesterday and no improvement, his back legs are still paralyzed. The Vet told me if no surgery, the other option is euthanasia. I’m devastated as Mr. Bean is my first baby! He is 10 years old and still have many years of he gets this expensive surgery. I am not able to afford it as I am a the only home provider for my daughter my dog and Me and I have already have to pay for my daughter special needs services that are very expensive. Mr Bean is so important to me and my daughter. I adopted him 10 years ago after fighting cancer and loosing my father from cancer. He was my rock during my cancer remission and he is for me a family member. I would like to have access to this fundraising as it is my last resort to keep him alive and in good health condition. I would like to fundraise 15000$ for the cost of the surgery and for the other services needed such as veterinary appointments follow up, physiotherapy sessions and acupuncture services that will be needed for a few months following this expensive surgery. I appreciate your help and in the name of dog lovers thank you very much for your support! Melanie

Organized by

Melanie Delarosbil

Gatineau, QC, Canada