About this fundraiser

My name is Marlene, and my children and I lost our home in 2018. Despite trying everything, we ended up living in a hotel for five years, from 2018 until November 17, 2023. Fortunately, a family member signed for an apartment for us, where the rent, $1984.00, is lower than the hotel room's $3,500.00. However, I'm currently past due with the rent and facing eviction since losing my job on February 16, 2023, and struggling to find new employment. Additionally, I'm managing payments for a storage unit. Though the apartment is smaller than what we're accustomed to, it's still preferable to the hotel. Unfortunately, my credit has taken a hit. Any assistance with bills until I secure a job would be greatly appreciated. We just need a little help to stay in the apartment. Thank you in advance for considering helping us.

Organized by

Marlene George

Silver Spring, MD, USA