About this fundraiser

Last week my family members lost their home. Their best friend asked them to relocate to Utah , where they would have, not only a home but employment as well. On the 3rd day they were there their best friend Sean , who was not only a  a veteran from desert storm but he was a son, a husband, a father and a damn good man. He was someone the system failed though because he suffered from mental health issues, not on the proper medications, he ultimately took his  own life .My family, which I'll introduce to you now,is Dale and Bobbie. Reeling from the event in Utah , they came home , here in Idaho and sought sanctuary with us, needing support and love. The very next day, after arriving here, Dales brother ,Keith in northern Idaho dropped, while out on a walk with his wife , Ann and his grandchildren. He had suffered a heart attack and unfortunately did not live .Our brother and sister lost 2 people who were so dear to their hearts ,within days of each other.They have no home currently and are both disabled adults , trying to do their best to survive in such a tumultuous economy.  They now have 2 funerals to attend at opposite ends of the state. It's my hopes and prayers that we can still count on our 8rothers  and sisters out there to pitch and help, where it's needed. And Dale and Bobbie need it now..  

Thank you for the prayers and donations. 

Organized by

Melody Logan

Boise, ID, USA