About this fundraiser

Hello everyone and thanks for your time. I know there is people out there who is in need of something for far more than school and I wouldn't be here if I didn't try and I'm gonna continue to try to find a way to get into trucking school. I'm Wydell I'm 36 years of age I will admit that I spent some time in prison but the time I spent in prison I took it to learn more about my myself about the Lord and what I really want out of life. That being said I took a great interest in trucking and studied everything I could get my hands on from trucking to running a business to self-help I've took every step necessary to help myself and since I've been home I've tried calling and filling out any and every application I can find to fund my cdl training most won't take me on and give me shot because my felony is not old enough so my only option is to pay which I can't afford because I'm raising my 2 sons who I have to provide for on budget because the only job i have is subway right. With that being said I'm not gonna stop trying to find a company or grant that will help me but time is ticking and I want to start my trucking career and start build something I can leave my kids and be a better man for my kids and my community. I don't like asking for handouts but there comes a time in a person life where you need help of someone no matter how you feel about it and my kids is my priority so I'll do anything to keep them from choosing or taking the same path I choose in life the cheapest school here is 3000 dollars the other 2000 would help me support my kids while I got to school for 6 weeks and training because I would have to quit working. It doesn't have to be cash if someone will just call the school and pay it that way whatever it takes I just need a shot at a new life and a career that would put me in that position my past is my past and I'm very remorseful but I'm not roaming around aimlessly now. I now understand my purpose and understand how important life is and having a meaningful life not just for me but for my kids and my community. I hope Gods puts it on someone heart to help me and my kids future thank you for your time and God bless you 

Organized by

Wydell Green

Chillicothe, TX, USA