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My name is Christianna, and I’m seeking for any help to get a tubal reversal. When I was 25 years old when i was forced to make a rational decision to have my tubes tied not knowing I would be forced to live in pain and agony each and everyday do to have post tubal ligation syndrome. I have gone to many doctors seeking help for always being on my period and having horrible excruciating painful craps (killer cramps) and all they say is try this and try that doing so many tests. NOTHING HAS HELPED 😭 I'm at my last resort and that is  getting my tubal ligation reversed but that would mean I would have to pay for it myself because my insurance doesn't cover tubal ligation reversal. I have called my insurance company to see if they could help me get my tubes reversed and back together and they say no even though it's medical and medically proven that If you have post tubal ligation syndrome and having your tubes reversed put back together  90% of women go back to normal. But they do not cover so here i am tryinng to gett help i so despreatly need to get back to normal so i can be a better mom and actually do things with my kids.

  Here are some examples what I'm going through and some information about post tubal ligation syndrome and why I want to get my tubes reversed put back together. 

This is why I want to get my tubes reversed and put back together. 

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Christianna Johnson

Streator, IL, USA