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A bright light dimmed in the early morning of May 25th. Tula Bloom Lincoln Brickel, beloved daughter of Nancy Lincoln and Patrick Brickel, passed over in peace, surrounded in vigilant love. Osteosarcoma took her from us at the age of 19, yet her remarkable, creative spirit remains ever-present. 

Tula was mighty, wise, kind, creative, and very funny. Her love of nature, rocks & gems, animals, art, children, and many other passionate interests kept Tula learning, expressing, and growing as an individual. Her desire to constantly learn never stopped, even in the most challenging of times.

Tula’s educational path included Longfellow Elementary, Harte School of Art, Taproot Nature Experience, Prairie School of Art, Southeast Junior High, City High, and just 6 weeks at the University of Iowa; all along this path, she was inspired by her many amazing teachers, and Tula placed becoming a high school art teacher on her radar as one of many career paths she sought. Tula dreamt of helping others in many ways, even while focused on treatments for shutting down tumor growth in her body. Strong in spirit, she loved & cared intensely for those around her.

Tula made a conscious decision not to let her cancer diagnosis define her. Her focus was always on living and loving, on creating and learning. She immersed herself in a wide range of interests, from reading and knitting to studying mushrooms, geodes, psychology, child development, and art therapy. Her unique force and love of life were evident in her passion for jewelry and fashion. Her laughter and wit were a testament to her spirit. 

It is impossible to encapsulate such a remarkable young woman in a few paragraphs. During her extended hospital stays, she would give gifts to other children to distract them from their discomfort and anxiety. She comforted her medical team when they had to give her hard news. She truly saw people, built relationships, and loved with all her might.

Tula will be greatly missed by her parents, Patrick Brickel and Nancy Lincoln, her grandparents David Lincoln and Gerarda White (Jack), her aunts and uncles Aaron (Diane), Greg (Kristi), Pamela (Brian), and Tom (Denise), her many cousins and extended family, and her close friends, who she affectionately nicknamed her “goons”. She was preceded in death by her grandma Katie and cousin Hailey.

Please come celebrate the radiant light of Tula Brickel at her Celebration of Life. The gathering will take place at The Celebration Farm on August 3rd from 1pm-4pm, and Tula stories will be shared beginning at 3pm. 

The Celebration Farm is located at 4696 Robin Woods Ln NE, Iowa City, IA 52240


Organized by

Amanda Hatfield

Iowa City, IA, USA

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Patrick Brickel