About this fundraiser

Hello my name is Debbie.  My mom and grandmother both came down with breast cancer some years ago. Now many years later after moving to FL, I now have breast cancer.  After seeing both of my dearest relatives go through barbaric mastectomies, I am choosing to go to a holistic clinic in Tampa FL for 6 to 8 weeks of treatments.  It's extremely expensive, but I won't be poisoned by chemo or radiation and I won't have to have surgery.  I am choosing the road less traveled for the sake of my whole body and mind. 

I'd like to start my journey of healing on May 1st 2023.  This would mean the world to me.  I've never used such a program, but I truly appreciate whoever came up with this amazing way to help others.  It is a precious gift to all who receive a much needed helping hand at one of the scariest times of their lives.  To all who can help me at this time, I am forever grateful.  Debbie

Organized by

Debora McGhee

Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA