About this fundraiser

In August 2016, I was the passenger in a traumatic auto accident which resulted in severe cervical spinal cord injuries from breaking my neck and my back at the time I was a very hard-working, successful young man, with a small business of my own as a young entrepreneur, I worked in concrete I had my own tree business at the time and many other business ventures that kept me very busy just five weeks before our wedding my life changed forever now today it has been 7 years since that devastating evening, and I’ve made some impressive recoverys I am a quadriplegic paralyzed from the chest down, but through dedication and hard work I have regained enough strength to play wheelchair rugby for the city of Hartford and becomes significantly more independent obtaining an accessible wheelchair van would provide me the opportunity to get back to playing rugby again and also to attend my sons sports and school events my son, Liam 💙 has made some amazing achievements in soccer so far at just the age of 11, and he plays on several different travel teams and different leagues. Lately it has become increasingly hard to make appearances at his games or get him to and from practice without the help of friends and family. I hope to raise enough money to afford a reliable accessible vehicle which I can manage my day-to-day needs and attend my son’s soccer games, basketball games, and whatever else comes our way

thank you so much to everybody that has donated every dollar counts

Organized by

Damien Dalton

Southwick, MA, USA