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Hi, My name is Carrie, and I’m fundraising to help my daughter Savannah Haight. We are originally from Oak Ridge, now Sparta.

In November of 2021, Savannahs leg swelled out of no where. At the time it appeared like maybe she just got a small injury from new catchers equipment, but it wasn’t.

Savannah began having more symptoms of swelling and severe pain in both of her legs, extreme migraines, constant vomiting, couldn’t fight any virus or infection, always tired, and many more symptoms that made no sense at the time. Sadly, due to a false call to CPS (which led to nearly 2 years of knowingly false accusations, and court orders refusing for her to see a doctor). In May of 2023, all was cleared, but Savannah was still not any better, she got worse. The legal fees alone were enough to break a two income household, but Savannah only has me. She is my MIRACLE child from an anonymous ivf donor.

In August of 2023 she saw her Rheumatologist who she hadn’t seen in a very long time, due to court orders, who finally figured this out, but she also figured out there was more than just what she could diagnose and help treat.

Savannah was diagnosed with AMPS (it is basically a wider spread version of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome), but that wasn’t explaining why she was constantly catching everything she came in contact with, but worse than an average healthy child. Savannah has a permanent compromised immune system. She has a low Immunoglobulin M, which can’t be treated any other way than monthly IVIG or a subcutaneous version of IVIG, given weekly. This is a treatment that she will need for the rest of her life.  In an addition she has extremely low pneumococcals.  

We have what I thought was great medical insurance, but I guess I was wrong. Insurance will not cover the cost of an intensive outpatient that would be holistic approach as she’s only 9 and the medications used are too dangerous, or the cost of a nurse and the IVIG.

We finally figured this out, but not before we lost everything financially to fight the false allegation, and these treatments are ridiculously expensive.

Savannah has lost 2 years of being able to be a child, and it’s just not right. I am working 3 jobs, and it is still not helping to dent the bills so she can at least be around other children so she can socialize and play. Having MS myself, I’m wearing myself so thin I fear I won’t be able to keep up with her needs if I don’t slow down even a little.

We have no family left, and I’m doing all I can, but every day it seems another road block.

Anyone who knows Savannah, will say she was always so happy and energetic, she loved to make people laugh, and loves to sing and cheer up others. During Covid lockdowns, she sang outside Mount Arlington senior living so the residents could have some entertainment. She did that when she was just shy of 6 years old with no fear, but quite the personality. This past summer she ran a lemonade stand not knowing what her conditions were yet and donated the money she made to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital. For days she sold lemonade and raised over $400 dollars, wanting other children to get better, while she had no idea what her body was doing.

Please if you can help to bring Savannah back to that charasmatic little girl. If you can’t help by donating, please share.

I know in my heart with the proper treatment regardless if this is life long or not, Savannah will smile and shine again if we can just get her the treatment she truly needs.

❤️ Thank you so much! ❤️


Carrie aka Mommy

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Carrie Haight

Sparta Township, NJ, USA