About this fundraiser


‘My name is Janee. I use to smile everyday. Nowadays I don’t have much to smile about or simply refuse to smile. I use to a have a beautiful smile! But due to extensive spinal injuries and calcium deficiency, I have lost all of my upper teeth and most of my bottom teeth.  I have lost mostly all my self confidence and esteem. Im embarrassed to be seen in public or in situations where I have to smile or eat. Im in my early 50`s, but due to my teeth loss, I look much older now with sunken checks and jawline from missing teeth. In addition to tooth loss, Im also having dietary issues from not being able to eat and chew a proper diet. This is a big concern because it interferes with my diabetes and other health issues. Getting dental implant will help me tremendously ! I will not only regain my health and confidence back, I will be getting my life back!. Thanks for your compassion and generosity. 🩷

Organized by

Janee Hisle

Bennettsville, SC, USA