About this fundraiser

I have had dentures for 9 years now and they are not comfortable no matter how many times I have them adjusted.   They gag me at times and make it hard for me to clear my throat.   That are hard to eat with them in.   I can not enjoy my favorite healthy foods.  They feel humongous at times.   I just don't feel like they are doing their job.  Surethey look good in, but what did is that if I am miserable? I have a bump on my gun as well that rubs at times on the dentures.   I can have it adjusted to for bit is not for long.   I had a newer set made but have had dentists tell me when I go for implant estimates that the old set fits better.   That set is 9 years old.  Please help me get implants and improve my quality of life. 

Organized by

Jennifer Shelson

West Branch, MI, USA