About this fundraiser

Hey everyone so it took me awhile to build up the nerve to ask for anything let alone take a picture of what im dealing with on a daily basis, im 28 years old and now since its beginning to be a health concern i have to be open about this, my teeth have been in bad shape all my life and ever since a broken jaw surgery/wired shut mouth issue back when i was 18 my teeth have slowly chipped off/rotted down to the gumline, i have ¼th of my teeth remaining but need oral surgery/9 root canals/ 5 pulls and overall since i cant hope to afford implants, so i have to get partial dentures, for years i haven't been able to talk to people ive failed interviews for jobs and have had people look at me disgusted with how my teeth are, and its built up such a high level of social anxiety/depression that i need to get this done asap not to mention my phobia I've built with dentists after my jaw surgery but it has to get done no matter what, any penny helps towards this, I'm here asking desperately asking for any help towards this procedure, at the time being im on medical and it will only help cover some pullings and 1-2 cleanings but nothing to this extent, the entirety of the bill comes out to almost 9000, but only ask for 5 if possible, to have it done and get billed the rest for later, like i said any penny helps right now and i appreciate everyone who is able to help, thank you guys for reading! 

Organized by

Brendan Engle

Long Beach, CA, USA