About this fundraiser

Hi there 

My name is Abby and that is my sweet, goofy boy, Derp Diggler. He is the sweetest, most amazing dog I could have and I am lucky to be his Gatcha mom. Derp is a chihuahua/pug mix, loves to eat carrots, run around with the zoomies and play with his favorite toys, but nothing compares to the snuggles and cuddles with people he loves.

 For a month I was out of work but it was okay because I hunted for new jobs, did some side work, all with my Derpy cheering me on. Things are steady but not set. I found a new job making just above minimum wage and I make enough to get by.. But he is always happy for me. Every cuddle at night proves I did right by him. I adore him so much. He just had his birthday not long ago, and we have had six amazing years together so far and I am hoping for so many more, but we need help. 

Recently, I noticed a small bump on his side and at the time, I thought nothing of it because he has had skin conditions before that resulted in small bumps. No biggie, right? Well, that was before a few days passed and it kept growing. As I type this, it is the size of a small golf ball..

I was worried so, I called the vet for help and asked what I can do but sadly, without the money, they can do nothing. I asked if they could do a payment plan but no, they cant. I dont have the money on hand.. costs keep me away from the care. Keep me from answers. Was it a boil? A parasite? Could it be a tumor and if so.. Could I lose him to cancer? I was heartbroken and scared. I still am. He is only six.. I feel like I failed my best friend. My joy on four paws. 

I decided to take extra shifts at work, do some extra side jobs, anything to make the money but the goal of saving that much in such a short time feels impossible. I am afraid I will make it all too late so I am asking for your help. I dont want my best friend to go so soon. He deserves it but I know I cant do this alone. Please, anything will help and I will be so greatful for those who opened their hearts to us. Thank you for your time. ^^


Organized by

Abbigail Kelley

Lawrenceville, GA, USA