About this fundraiser

Hi everyone, my name is Aliyah. I’m fundraising to get help with paying my bills for the month. I am currently facing an eviction with the date of March 23. I have reached out to organizations for help and they are at max capacity. I’ve tried applying for jobs And the only ones I qualify for require me to stand consistently 10 to 12 hours l which is something I can’t do being that I have scoliosis and a disability in my knee and I accepted one job offer and requested accommodations, they let me go three days later. I have been fighting with the VA to return money that is owed to me that they wrongfully withheld. I have provided more than enough evidence that they owe me and I have also gone into the VA regional office and spoke with an agent, and he informed me that the VA does, in fact, owe me money, and instructed me on how to fill out the claim to guarantee that I will get my money and they still denied it. I have sent open a new claim and provided more evidence, but that can take up to six months to complete. Six months ago, I I banked with HSBC, and they wrongfully froze my account. Everything that I had saved is in that account and it’s all because I used an app to help me save for a separate goal, outside of my regular savings, and when I withdrew the money from the app, they used Wells Fargo to issue me a check. I deposited that check into my bank account and initially the bank stated that they would freeze my account for five business days to validate the check and after the fifth date, they told me that the check was fraudulent and they would not be releasing my account , nor would they release my funds. The 19th of every month is the cut off date to change any direct deposit information with the VA so that you’re upcoming paycheck can go to your desire bank. The day that the bank froze my account, it was too late to change my direct deposit information with the VA , so when a few days later came about, and it was time for me to get paid my monthly income, it went to the frozen account, and they refused to release that as well. I just moved into my apartment after living at home for a year and a half once I separated from the Air Force. While I didn’t get a job in that year and a half, although I did apply, I did Instacart and Uber eats every single day. I delivered packages through Amazon Flex when they had shifts available I donated plasma twice a week and everything that I made from doing, this, I saved. I knew that I was having trouble finding employment, especially since my primary job in the Air Force was working in a warehouse, and I physically can no longer do that. I knew that my disability compensation and education stipend not only fluctuates depending on the semester but it’s also not enough to live off of month to month. So I saved everything that I made for a year and a half in the bank stole it from me. I recently spoke with an attorney And they said it can take up to two weeks to hear back from me regarding whether or not they can help but I am actively seeking help for this issue. I didn’t know how I would make rent six months ago, I did everything that I could. I went back to doing Instacart and Uber eats every day until there are no more orders coming in. It had gotten to the point where I was delivering more than I was studying and I was failing every class. I was so stressed to the point that for three weeks. I was sick every day from Covid to vomiting daily to having kidney issues and needing to take an ambulance to the emergency room. I recovered, or so I thought, it was able to go back to class, and while I was in between classes, I received an email from my school, saying that I had a check. It was a blessing! My FAFSA payment came in and it was a check for my pell grant which was more than enough to cover rent. While I would have loved to been able to use it for school, I had to use it for my rent because by this time I had already been to court and had a little time left before I was evicted. What’s upsetting is due to the banking issue, I had fallen behind on every bill. So while I had more than enough to cover rent, I still had to do Instacart and Uber every day and use whatever I had left over after paying rent to pay my car note because it has been placed under repossession review. As we got closer to the end of the semester, I got sick again with my kidneys and was in the hospital and missed class again. And immediately after my kidneys felt better, I got Covid again, which will be my sixth time in total having it. I was unable to sit for my study sessions, I missed the final exam review, and I even missed the final exams. I had no idea what was going on in class, so I had to withdraw from school the day before the semester ended so that my transcripts will not reflect any failing grades. I enrolled in January semester, and only took one class to paste myself so that maybe I can have more time to look for employment before spring semester. I was unsuccessful finding employment and due to my finance advisor at my school not submitting my paperwork properly to the VA, I was only paid $377 for the month of January instead of $1734 , which intern caused me to have issues with paying rent for the month of January. The VA pays your disability stipend on the first and your education stipend on the sixth. I made the mistake of assuming that paperwork and everything was submitted correctly, and my pay will be correct, because when I was paid my disability compensation on the first, I used $1400 of that to pay The minimum to have my account removed from the repossession list. But paying my car note knocked me down to $761 and even the $377 from the education stipend coming on the six wasn’t enough to cover it, because by the time the education stipend Deposited which wasn’t until the eighth because the sixth fell on the weekend, I had already incurred a late fee of $100 making my rent $40 shy of $2000 I tried doing Instacart and Uber eats as well as donating plasma to make up the money quickly during the week, Instacart and Uber eats is extremely slow. And if they do have orders, it’s $7 for something that’s 30 to 40 miles away which takes up a lot of gas so then I’m using what I made on filling up my tank and I’m not turning a profit and I’m not able to save anything. The weekends are usually better but it’s not guaranteed and at this time I only had one weekend to make over $800 including gas money to satisfy rent. And I needed to make it up quickly because on the 19th of every month is when they file for eviction which not only as an extra stress but it also means that’s another $300 added onto my rent that I owe. I wasn’t able to make the rent and the $300 fee was added on making it pretty much impossible to pay rent without having to go to court because four days later is their deadline to be able to pay late rent, including all fees prior to the requirement that you will also need to include The full payment for next months rent as well. There was no way that I would be able to make over $1100 in such a small amount of time. I wasn’t able to come up with the full amount before that date so the next day I need another $2000 on top of the remaining from the $823 that I wasn’t able to make in total I needed $3123.. February 1 came and I was paid my disability compensation $2100 but of course I had to wait until the sixth to receive my education stipend of $2262 which would have satisfied January and February rent. However, I went to Walmart one day to get some groceries., I walked in the store and immediately realized that I didn’t have my wallet, so I turned back around to go get it, and I’m greeted to seeing my car being strapped to a repossession tow truck. Earlier that day I had spoken to CarMax, and they assured me that the last payment I made would keep me out of repossession status for at least 30 days, but obviously the person I spoke to was mistaken. It turns out that my car was in repossession status for October, November and December and the payment that I made in January only covered October and November. They told me that because I had a promise to pay on file for the month of January to cover those previous months, it delayed the repossession so by the time February comes around, it is now 90 days past due again for December January and February and at this time I did not have a promise to pay on file, because I honestly forgot with all of the other things I had on my mind. I hopped in my car and lock the doors and immediately called Carmax and made the payment so that the repossession man can let my car down and I could leave. My car is my only source of income and if that’s taken away from me, then I have nothing. I don’t have any degrees yet, I am not qualified to do some of these work from home jobs and the other ones I am qualified for I can’t even do because my laptop is broken and right now I can’t afford to fix it. I recently had my court date for my eviction and they were only able to give me two weeks to make up the money and I don’t have it again. I need over $1000 again because I just had to pay a severely past due light bill to get them cut back on because I came home to no lights. I have been denied an increase in my disability and I have since hired an attorney to help me because 10% for a knee that I can hardly stand on is not right. I have been fighting to get my money back from the VA for over a year, and they refused to give me the money that they owe me. The money that would help me out of this situation that I am in right now. I have been extremely depressed, I’m hungry. I don’t even eat anymore and it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because I can’t afford to. I have to stretch my meals so that I can afford gas money to go make more money to cover my rent only to get close to having the amount and having to pay another bill to get out of the hole. It feels like a never ending cycle and I am honestly ready to give up. I do not deserve this, I did what I was supposed to do and I saved how I was supposed to. And one single transaction ruined everything.

Organized by

Aliyah Robinson

Buford, GA, USA