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  • Intensive Rehab

    Dear Donors,
    I wanted to let you know that Vip has graduated to intensive rehab and is making good progress. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts for a full recovery and for supporting the family in this stressful time.

About this fundraiser

On March 31st Vip Nanavati knew something was very wrong. He woke up with “the worst headache of his life”, nauseous, and when he went to stand up to go tell his son he was off balance and falling to the left when he walked. He called his wife, who was out of town, and said “I have to go to the hospital”- she thought to see one of their patients- he said “No, I think I am having a stroke.” The EMT's rushed him to the local hospital where this young Orthopedic surgeon was having an occlusive stroke, a vertebral artery dissection cutting off the blood supply to the back of his brain. After the diagnosis they started administering clot busting medication and transferred him to the ICU downtown. His wife caught the next flight back to be with him.

Hours later he suffered another stroke caused by a clot in the basilar artery and was rushed to surgery where they were able to clear the obstruction. Swelling of his brain ensued and he needed a craniotomy the next morning. Despite getting rapid care, he remained intubated for over 2 weeks and his left-side was paralyzed, he could not talk or swallow. After 3 weeks in intensive care, he was transferred to a high-acuity long-term care facility with a tracheostomy and feeding tube. After 3 weeks there he was transferred to the University of Utah Craig Neilsen Rehabilitation Center for intense physical rehab including OT, PT and speech therapy.

Over the next few months he would work hard in therapy and then a set back would approach. He was transferred to the Univ hospital neuro ICU in May for an infection from the craniotomy performed in Boise. Then a second time in July to begin treatment for chronic meningitis- potentially the cause of this in the first place.

August 8th, after 4.5 months, he has finally made it home. With a long road of recovery still to go and many outpatient visits for PT, OT and speech therapy he hopes to be walking on his own and sitting on the sidelines of his kids soccer games soon.

Vip, and his Nurse Practitioner wife worked together in their own private orthopedic practice. This sudden catastrophic illness has resulted in loss of income for the family as he no longer is able to work for now, and she is taking care of him, their children and keeping the business running. Add to this extremely costly long-term intensive care, medical bills and co-pays on top of day to day expenses with no income for a while.

They have always been a very giving couple, practice and family- there for anyone that needs a hand. Now it is our time to help them. I hope that you will find it in your hearts to give the family a hand with funds for the next few months until his disability insurance begins. Any small amount is appreciated and prayers for Vip’s recovery is even more deeply appreciated.

Organized by

Brenda Larkin

Kuna, ID, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Heidi Nanavati