About this fundraiser

Hello, my name is Sherley. As an immigrant in this country, I am reaching out for help to cover dental expenses for myself. My recent trip to the dentist for a cleaning ended up being a wake-up call. I was told I had gum disease and that I would need to treat it right away before it could get worse. A little back story of myself I’m a immmigrant that move here sense 8 years old without proper documentation for this country with A low paying job never had a chance to properly take care of my teeth due to low income my teeth was something I always been insecure about never could afford braces or anything never had insurance. The immmigration process have not been easy i dont qualified for Medicaid sense im not a authorized citizen of this country  i been working low paying jobs to make a living i Recently got insurance they willing to cover half but with my low paying job I still can’t afford it  because I’m paying rent and feeding myself I won’t have enough 

The procedure includes a deep cleaning and a root canal. all together 4K needed. Right now, I only have a little to put towards this. I recently started a low-paying job and am currently living with roommates, paying rent which puts me in a hard predicament covering both and feeding myself is quiet a struggle.So in summary everything will cost 4k to fix. Any help you can offer is so appreciated. And please share with anyone else who may be able to help. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Organized by

Sherley Desjuste

Roselle Park, NJ, USA