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Hi, my name is Henry. My mom is in the hospital, in the ICU, fighting for her life..& is not expected to make it. She's currently battling cancer for the 3rd time, and recently beat Covid! But now, she is experiencing heart failure, and I've been informed that It is her dying wish, and my upmost desire, to be able to make it to Morgantown to see her in the hospital..The issue I'm having, is that I am currently located in Huntington, West Virginia, and well, as I previously stated, my mother is being treated in Ruby Memorial Hospital, located in Morgantown, West Virginia. I do not own a car, and have no one in our family or otherwise, that is capable or willing, to drive all the way here and then take me to her. So the only alternative that I have found thus far, is the Greyhound bus, which tickets are roughly $100 a piece. 2 adult tickets are needed. I want my longterm girlfriend to get the chance to meet my mom, before the inevitable happens.. I also would like to be able to assist somewhat with the funeral expenses, when the time comes, to ensure that my beautiful mother has the best possible celebration of life (that accurately reflects her as the incredible woman and mother, and grandma, and wife that she is/was!), and so that she may have a very special and thoughtfully prepared ceremony that will hopefully make things as peaceful and comforting as possible, for those of us who love her dearly, (including her two sweet, young granddaughters that she is raising) as we lay her to rest. It would mean so very much to me, truly, to have this once in a lifetime opportunity, to have my final goodbyes and precious I-love-yous, and hugs with my dear mother, who raised me to be the man I am today! 

I am getting teary eyed as I type this. She has always been my hero, always there for me when I needed her most - and therefore, it would mean the world to me if I could be there for her, when she needs me the most!

Anything towards these expenses would be very helpful and would be sincerely appreciated for the rest of my life. Thank you for reading this, and considering helping me with this endeavor.  - Henry B

Organized by

Henry Bunnell

Huntington, WV, USA