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Hi Everyone! I'm Elaine Goldman, living in Arizona - which I LOVE ❤️  I am a grandmother of 8, three grandsons and five granddaughters. My grandchildren are the ultimate reason for my posting this cry for financial help. I've often heard that it takes money to make money, and I have found that to be so true. I moved here to Arizona five years ago and eventually found a job driving a haul pack hauling ore and waste on a gold mining project right outside of town. Unfortunately, my employment lasted only 13 days when I was injured by a fellow employee who dumped 20tons of material on my truck ( an injury that could have been avoided due to the fact that I went to my supervisor with concerns about this employee but was dismissed before I could finish what I was saying) I was fired the next day - and things have kind of gone downhill from there. My injury, because I wasn't given proper medical treatment and took forever to get approved for physical therapy and chiropractic care has developed into greater physical limitations for me and I have found it hard to find employment when I am enduring on again/off again pain. I have come up with a business that I am confident would thrive in this area - a pet taxi service. My community has a large percentage of pet owners ( my main target will be dogs- which I LOVE!) and I believe that with the large number of dog lovers and the number of dog grooming businesses I can make a better than great living being a service to my community by taking pets to their grooming appointments, or even to see their veterinarian. I would like to raise enough money to get this business started, I thought 5,000 dollars would be enough to buy a used van that's in good condition (air conditioning a must) I want to purchase a couple of crates for transporting the pets safely, and I would like to spend a good amount of money for advertising so that I can get myself in the public eye in a big way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone will read this and help me with the money that I need - I would be forever grateful to the person, because with their help it would truly be turning my life around and the best part is financial stability so that I can start spending much needed time with my grandchildren who live in three different states. Thank ❣️ you 

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Elaine Goldman

Arlington, VA, USA