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Hoshang Hashimi, 35 years old, is a successful journalist within the international media. He has worked as a radio reporter with the Deutsche Welle (DW) 2010-2016. He worked with the Associated Press Agency (AP) as a Photojournalist. Hashimi also worked  with the French press Agency (AFP) as a photojournalist from 2017-2021. During the years of the presence of international forces led by the US in Afghanistan, several times Hoshang worked with the US international development (USAID)  in Afghanistan. In 2019, he won the best photographer award at a festival in France. After the Taliban took over his country, he was exiled to France and lived there with his wife for a year and a few months. They had special visas and came to America in January 2023. But after August,  Hoshang was diagnosed with oral and dental cancer type 4. He underwent major surgery and has been receiving treatment for eight months, but now he needs other treatments that are not covered by insurance. According to his doctors, heavy chemotherapy and radiation therapy made him weak and now alternative ways should be sought. His wife Gullsoom Sediqi was a lawyer and defender of women's rights in Afghanistan. They now need help to save Hoshang.

Organized by

Elizabeth Carlson

Auburn, WA, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Gullsoom Sediqi