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My name is Laura. As everyone making new year resolutions, I also have a dream for this year. Finally after two years of struggling with severe health issues which left me emotionally, physically and financially exausted. As I am slowly recovering, I understand that I cannot keep living life the way I lived before, and that there must be changes made in life and work in order to fully recover. I am ready to start this new chapter. It's a slow process but I believe I can do it and I am ready to work hard. Besides resolving financial debt issues my dream and goal for this year is to become entrepreneur ( selling goods online) which would enable me to work on my own terms where I don't compromise my health. That's why this fundraiser is crucial for me to get a chance for a fresh start and new life. Thank you so much in advance for your kind heart. I hope your dreams also come true this year! Happy New Year and Blessings!

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Laura Ivanova

North Port, FL, USA