About this fundraiser

I wanted to start this fundraiser to give back to my mother, Amanda. For my entire 25 years on this earth she has never once failed to be there for me. When the rest of the world seemed like it had given up on me, she was always there. Now that she’s in a time of need, I want to give back to her. She struggles with knee pain and is unable to make it most places. due to a messed up surgery, her back is not the way it should be. she seeks medical attention but it’s difficult to even get any sort of help. my mother is my hero, and without her, I would not be here today. I want to show her that in her time of need, she won’t be given up on. God has blessed me with an amazing mother who stuck by me through light and dark, and still to this day puts everyone before herself. 

Organized by

Malcolm Gaskins

Martinsburg, WV, USA