About this fundraiser

On Glenda birthday on Dec 6th she had some friends invite her to go to California from Kansas so that she could go to Disney land for her first time,sadly after her arrival she started feeling something was very wrong and as the day processed she could no longer feel anything from the waist down and she was raced into the closest hospital and was told she was going in for emergency surgery. She went through that surgery after several hours but still couldn't move half of her body, furthermore they informed her than she had a lesion on her spine and was hemorrhaging and not only that the lab tests came back with the biopsy saying that she had cancer and had had it for more than 6 years already  we were all shocked because here in Kansas she had been in and out of the hospital recently and had never been told there was really anything wrong, especially a rare cancer….to top that off they soon discovered she had more than one type of cancer going through her body in several masses that have only kept growing.  This is very scary for her and also her family who love her very much and are unable to be there with her while she is in a hospital having to be put on pills she can't afford and be in a hospital being totally cared for without any of us there to even give her a hug while she starts her radiation treatments and is still unable to feel or move her lower body  the cancer is running all thru her central nervous system at a pretty high rate and we are trying to help provide her with comfort , some less stress about her medication and the radiation treatments as well as the 2 surgeries she has gone thru these past couple weeks…  Glenda is always the one who is there helping out everyone especially if it is an animal of any kind . She has a huge heart when it comes to saving or caring for animals and she deserves that love coming back to her at this time. We know it's right after Christmas and people have probably been strained for money themselves during the holidays,  but Glendas family is very worried about all she Is going through and trying to do what we can possibly do for her especially being that she isn't advised to travel or be anywhere that could jeopardize her health being that her body cannot risk frail immune system catching something that could probably kill her. We are asking on her behalf to donate anything you can to her and please keep her in your prayers that she makes it thru this . We love her very much and would also love to help her get a wheelchair or scooter to get back and forth to her appointments and than to rehabilitation as soon as she's able to get to that point . She said she will work as hard as she can  to get better and we all pray she definitely does . Thanks very much from the cole family   

Organized by

Dana Weber

Laguna Beach, CA, USA