About this fundraiser

I haven't been much of the type to ask for help. I mostly just faught harder because people let ya down alot. I recently lost my job, which led to me being unable to keep up on payments for our car which we were purchasing from our landlord. She got mad we had to bring it back and served me a notice to vacate letter. We live in Silex so, not close to anything. Without a car or job and having to find. New place is taking a huge toll on all 3 of us. My daughter turns 13 in 2 weeks and she's an amazing kid and deserves a great bday. My son will be 14 in June and is very quiet and hangs out at the house playing games, with his dog, or fishing on a small lake on the rental property. I've begged our landlord to give me a week to find employment (everyone's hiring!) and I'd catch us up on the car payments ASAP. She wouldn't consider anything. So here I am humbling myself to you all praying we get this money to purchase a really cheap vehicle and some or all of a down payment on a new place even if we can only afford a 1 bedroom anything is better than nothing. I'm also very mechanically inclined and there a lot of cars cheap with minor issues right now. I'm not sure how this is going to play out but God will make sure we make it. It just might be a little tougher than expected. Thankyou everyone who has read this for your time. Thankyou for helping us if you can and know in time we will be paying it forward! 

Organized by

Sarah Carpenter

Warrenton, MO, USA