About this fundraiser

This past fall I was qualified for cochlear implants (CI) in both ears and recently approved through health insurance to get one cochlear implant.

I am working with the ENT to schedule the surgery in March 2024. 

The surgery itself is an outpatient surgery. It will take about 3 months after surgery to learn how to hear again and a year to be fully programed with the CI. 

The CI will replace how I currently hear this is what requires me to learn how to hear again. 

I have been experiencing extreme listening fatigue for the last year and will continue to do so while recovering from the surgery. 

To help alleviate stresses during the next 6 months and the pressure of paying rent each month I have created this fundraiser. 

Any donation to help alleviate this burden for the next 6 months would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,


Organized by

Amy Gaither

Tacoma, WA, USA