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We are Lynn & Mary Jo Ebersbacher, father & step-mother to Kelly L. Savage.

We are reaching out on behalf of her and their sweet family during this very difficult time! Please share with your family and friends

Kelly has been on unpaid medical leave through FMLA. Her condition has been a roller coaster this year and not a fun one!

Kelly has fought through her Lupus flares like a warrior, but most recently she has just not had the physical and emotional/mental strength to fight as hard as she needs to.

Things really took a turn in the wrong direction around November 2022. She has been in a tremendous amount of pain and after several scary incidents, she was admitted into the hospital with Colitis. This ended up being an 11 day stay with several different IV antibiotics and continuous pain management. Kelly remained in the hospital until after Christmas. She pushed herself to return back to the job she loves a week later. Doctors opted to have her skip her regularly scheduled infusion as she continued to regain her strength. She began to feel bad again around the middle of February and was out of work beginning in mid- February. She has not been able to return to work since this date. During this time she had COVID and experienced significant respiratory symptoms.

Currently, Kelly is again in the hospital as she was admitted with extreme abdominal pain on April 14th. Kelly has been unable to walk since the middle of February, and requires the use of a wheelchair. She began physical therapy, pain management , GI specialist, cardiologist, and neurologists. Her MRIs had some abnormalities and there a several small lesions in her brain. Today, she had a spinal tap which also showed abnormal results.

She is in constant pain, yet she keeps asking about the kids and her classroom kiddos. She is just broken hearted that her health (or lack of) has taken her out of the classroom with her “kids!”

With the new results, there is no real timeline being considered for her to be strong enough to return to work. Her blood pressure is either way too low or ridiculously high. Her chronic and emotional overload is making it difficult to sleep and process the changes that need to be made.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue in many parts of the body. To add to the devastating news is the fact that Kelly watched her own mother fight this same disease and ultimately lose her battle with Lupus at the age of 46.

Kelly is married to her high school sweetheart, Buddy. She is a mother of six amazing children (ages 13, 15, 20, 21, 23, & 24) and teaches 1st grade in Prosper ISD.

Over the past two years, Kelly's disease has progressively increased in severity and is currently active throughout multiple systems in her body including her liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal system, central nervous system. She is receiving very high doses of IV steroids, chemotherapy drugs, and other immunosuppressive medications in an attempt to stop organ damage and lessen her pain levels.

Several months ago, she was forced to go on intermittent FMLA to accommodate treatments, specialist appointments, diagnostic testing, and her inability to function in her physically and emotionally demanding profession as an educator. Kelly LOVES her job and the children and families. So...if you know Kelly and she's not at work, you KNOW something is terribly wrong.

Her physical body is just not aligned with her mind and passion for what she does, and she was recently placed on an extended medical leave at her doctor's recommendation. Due to the financial needs of their large family, Kelly has been advised to continue on leave until she is cleared by the neurologists and has gain enough strength to self-transport in a manual wheelchair.

The only way she will be able to do that is to relieve some of the financial burden that comes from medical co-pays and medication that is not covered by insurance, plus her monthly salary lost from her extended medical leave. There is also a need to find I home they can afford to build with wider door ways and safety features to acclimate the wheelchair.

Please prayerfully consider donating to our sweet daughter, so she can focus on getting well for her six children and husband, that desperately need a healthier mommy.

Every dollar helps us get closer to our goal and NO gift is too small!!!

Thank you! Please share with your family and friends!!!

Thank you for your ongoing thoughts and prayers!

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Lynn Ebersbacher

Temple, TX, USA