About this fundraiser

Hello my name is Melvin Johnson. My lovely wife is scheduled for shoulder repair surgery for a full tear of her rotator cuff on March 28th. We had a rough last year, with the loss of her mother to a long battle with cancer. My wife was then hospitalized for a week with a serious infection. We are making this fundraiser because money has not be good lately. We both work full time jobs, just to make ends meet. My wife works very hard at her home healthcare job, just to make ends meet. The funds will be used for preop and post op care, to pay the surgeon, anesthesiologist in the hospital, supplies for the procedure,physical therapy appointments, machines needed for after and meds. Plus help with food while down and both of us will have to take some time off so we will have lost wages and some medical bills.We are so grateful for this help to take some of the burden and stress of us. Thank you so much for reading our story.

Organized by

Elizabeth Johnson

Denton, TX, USA