About this fundraiser

Hello my name is Corey. My fiance and I have 3 indoor cats and two outdoor. We had no problem paying for them. But my fiances grandmother started getting sick and we were the only ones here to help and now we are drained we are helping with bills and we are so far behind but worst of all our fur babies are not eating. We are trying our best but so far our best has not been enough. We are trying to get some money together before we have to find our children a better home. We don't want to lose them but we also will not stand aside and let them go without. Any help is appreciated. And two of our cats we need to get fixed because they have gotten pregnant every time right after having kittens and it is wearing their bodies down. We're just two people trying to care for our babies and her grandmother. TIA for any help we appreciate all of you! Hopefully we can get this money up and stock up for our babies and get them there shots and fixed♥️

Organized by

Corey Heaton

Loxahatchee, FL, USA