About this fundraiser

Hello all, 

i have started this fundraiser for myself. I got into a really bad accident and lost majority of my teeth. I am a single mother of 3 and I am desperately in need of new teeth! It has been detrimental to my health causing me to have high blood pressure, losing weight, and various other problems! My children are 13, 8 , and 3 years of age and I do not want to leave them on this earth. I am a working mom as well but as we know insurance only covers so much. I have ventured out and went to many dentist, cardiologist and many doctors and the cause of my high blood pressure is the decaying and dead teeth in my mouth. So I am asking you to please donate to help me get teeth. I am blessed to still be alive at 34 years of age but I want to llove a little longer for my  children. Getting my teeth pulled and replaced will be wonderful in so many aspects of my life. 


No donation is too small or too big. I can also give you the information for the dentist as well. I am a trying mom but I'm all out of options. 

Thank you for hearing my story. May god bless you all

Organized by

LaChandra Johnson

Dallas, TX, USA