About this fundraiser

Hello my name is Alexia and on November 13th me and my two children Bella who is five years old and my son Namir who is one years old was involved in a very bad car accident on the interstate. My vehicle flipped three times. I suffered from a severe broken leg. i broke my tibia and my fibia and had to have emergency surgery.  I had to have a permanent metal rod and screws placed in m leg. I also suffered from a fractured nose and ribs. My two children only had a good bit of scratches and bruises. But through Gods grace we survived. It has been a tough healing process especially being a single mother. I have not been able to work and being that I was working a temp job I didn’t have any health benefits  it was able to take medical leave with pay. Im not only stuck with the medical bills but also am financially struggling on how I’m gone pay to physical therapy that I desperately need and the continue medical care for my injuries. Me and my two children are now at risk of losing our home because I do not not have the income to afford to pay as well the rent and utilities in our home because I’m out of work. It’s so hard for me to ask for help. I am out of other options and I fear not only going into more debt with my medical bills but also as well as not being able to continue getting the proper treatment for my recovery and keeping our home until I can make a full recovery and return back to working. I am truly thankful for any donation we can receive at this time. And much more truly blessed that angels protected me and my children in this accident. 

Organized by

Alexia Brown

Charlotte, NC, USA