About this fundraiser


My name is Ilshun Witherspoon, and I am seeking advice and financial assistance for fees related to relocation and retaining legal representation.

My civil rights have been egregiously violated, placing me in danger due to corruption within the Police Department, City Council, the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Alabama, and the Regional office in Georgia.

During my residency at 15 N. Ann Street in Mobile, Alabama, I experienced racial hate, intimidation, and violence. Shockingly, it was revealed later that employees of the real estate company 251Properties, notably Malarie Johnson Kelly, the Property Manager, posed as tenants to harass and intimidate black tenants, including myself.

251Properties is owned by John Stimpson, cousin of Sandy Stimpson, the Mayor of Mobile, Alabama. This connection sheds light on the lack of response from the police and city council.

I possess evidence, including videos, emails, and text messages, documenting the abuse and harassment I endured.

As a tenant, I suffered:

  1. Property damage, including slashed tires and intentional oil spills to cause harm.
  2. Illegal entry to my apartment, with belongings moved or missing.
  3. Stalking, hate speech, and death threats from Malarie Johnson and associates.
  4. Police misconduct, with reports mishandled to prevent prosecution.
  5. City Council corruption, exemplified by William Carroll's failure to assist and veiled threats.
  6. Attorney misconduct by Timothy Shepard, who disclosed privileged communications and abandoned me.
  7. Corruption within the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where complaints were suppressed and mishandled.

Despite relocating, the harassment persists, indicating ongoing danger.

Born and raised in Alabama, I never imagined facing such severe racial discrimination in the 21st century.

In addition to financial assistance, I seek guidance on addressing the injustices perpetrated against me by corrupt institutions.

I have ample evidence to support my claims, available on my social media platforms for further insight into my daily struggles:

TikTok: @Surviving15N.AnnSt

Instagram: @mzblack72



Organized by

Ilshun Witherspoon

Mobile, AL, USA