About this fundraiser

Title: Let's Help Mo Embrace Life with Confidence!

Every individual deserves the opportunity to live their best life, regardless of their limitations. Today, we are raising funds for Mo, a vibrant soul who happens to have a disability after his recent accident, which has impacted his day-to-day living. Mo's strength and resilience inspire everyone around him, and our goal is to support him in overcoming his challenges and fully embrace life.

Mo's disability affects his mobility, limiting his ability to comfortably perform various daily activities that many of us take for granted. By raising funds, we aim to provide Mo with essential resources that will enhance his independence and improve his quality of life. The funds raised will be allocated towards:

1. Adaptive equipment: Customized mobility devices and adaptive technologies will empower Mo to achieve tasks independently, engage with his environment, and actively participate in the community.

2. Home modifications: By adapting Mo's living space to be safer and more accessible, we can help remove the barriers that restrict him from enjoying routine activities at home.

3. Physical therapy and rehabilitation: Frequent physical therapy sessions will help to improve Mo's mobility, strength, and flexibility, ensuring that he remains as active and healthy as possible.

4. Transportation: Accessible transportation is essential for Mo's social life and community engagement. We want to ensure that Mo can easily travel from one place to another, enhancing his freedom, independence, and overall happiness.

5. Community support: Building connections with disability support organizations and like-minded individuals is essential in making Mo feel loved, understood, and included in our community.

By raising funds for Mo, we are spreading a powerful message about inclusion, acceptance, and the importance of supporting individuals with disabilities. We believe that, together, we can empower Mo to defy limitations, achieve his dreams, and lead an extraordinary life.

Your generosity will not only make a significant impact on Mo's life but will also help create an inclusive, compassionate world for those living with disabilities. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, takes us all a step closer to helping Mo embrace life with confidence and joy.

Organized by

Narges Anbardar

San Diego, CA, USA