About this fundraiser

The Cowin family is humbly asking for help to cover some of the deductible and fees for Hilde's needed correctional surgery for her legs. After being told we could do both legs at once, the surgeons have decided her case is too severe and its safer for her to do 1 leg at a time. Unfortunately this also means double the co-pay/deductible fees and double the price of staying in patient at the hospital for several days. Not to mention all the of the PT that will be happening for the next year, gas to get there, caring for our other children and their individual needs, meals, etc.  While we are striving to cover all of our child's expenses ourselves, we are realizing that we will be needing help from our community to make it all work.  If you are able to help a bit, or willing to share, we are all immensely grateful. 

Thank you all <3 

Bethany and Stephen 

Organized by

Bethany Cowin

Grand Prairie, TX, USA