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My name is Dolly, l came to the states 27 years ago. I got married 3 years later when l came when l had my first son my mother came to help me with the baby, two years later I had my second baby, my mother came and stay with me for long periods of time and she comes back to her country. A year later I got divorce and all change in our lives. She stay with me and the babies, l had to work, she was 53 years old and she was devoted to me and my kids and so grateful to her and see how she love us. But now she is 76 years old, she want to go back to her country to see her mother who is 100 years old and right now l feel so sad because l don’t have the money to give her the gift to see her mother. that is why l am asking for help. Thank you so much to alll.

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Dolly Primera

Katy, TX, USA