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My name is Theresa. I have loeys Dietz type 2. I have cervical and spinal instability. I've had knee and hip surgery in the past. I have a big tear in my illiac muscle and my spine is in terrible condition. I have artritis and fluid where I shouldn't. I can not put my basic wheelchair in and out of my vehicle by myself. Recently my right leg quit working and I can't walk any more. They have been calling it drop foot. No Dr is able to help and I'm trying to get an appointment 5 hrs away with my neurologist. If I could have help offsetting this or if someone has one they are getting rid of cheap please let me know. My insurance rules are so particular and my wheelchair now has broken pieces and lots of problems I cant get a new one anytime soon. We are working on getting an electric one but I figure I will be denied again. 

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Theresa Thurston

Paducah, KY, USA