About this fundraiser

Hello we’re the Davidson Family, We are looking to raise funds towards IVF for treatment for my infertility. I have seen multiple clinics and have had 5 surgeries for my infertility. My husband is Active Duty in the Army but unfortunately, we have no coverage for this treatment. I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance, pelvic adhesive disease, and reoccurring pregnancy loss. Unfortunately I have lost 3 pregnancies one of which being twins from an embryo transfer we paid for out of pocket. We have already paid once out of pocket and cannot afford to do it again.. We’re hoping to raise enough to cover us to have a fair chance and better opportunity at bringing home our rainbow baby. Infertility has Been something I have struggled with for 6 years now.. I’ve been patient, I’ve tried all the medications, the Injections, every thing we could leading up to this. Unfortunately this is our last ditch effort. If you feel it in your heart to donate we would forever be grateful. 
Much love 

The Davidson family🤍

videos can be Found with this link documenting our whole journey. https://www.tiktok.com/@sam_lynne_?_t=8j0pIDJ2jf8&_r=1 

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Samantha Davidson

Fort Drum, NY, USA