About this fundraiser

Good morning everyone, thank God for giving us another day.

My 36 year old husband started having seizures and blacking out or just passing out randomly, most times at work falling off the roofs he was working on. After many trips to the emergency room We found out he has Glioblastoma, an inoperable fast growing brain tumor. He's in horrible pain and I can't do anything but watch and try to make his life easier. There is no real treatment that wouldn't make him sicker and sugary would most likely kill him or cause him to be paralyzed from the neck down. He seems to be getting worse, with very bad seizures more often and loss of vision at times without medicine.

The only thing that helps his pain and horrible headaches is medicine insurance doesn't cover and I can't afford it only making $188 a week to pay all our bills. His medicine cost $120 a week. He would love to help but can't work due to his seizures being unpredictable, any of which could kill him at any time. I'm trying to cause him as little stress as possible and times are hard for everyone, anything helps!!!

Jason is my best friend and husband, I can't lose him. We got married knowing what he has but I don't care as long as I get to keep my love and best friend for eternity or as long as possible. 

We need your help, Jason needs your help!!!! 

If you could please donate, anything at all and/or share. 

                              God bless and have a                                                         wonderful amazing day!!

                                  Jason and Susan

Organized by

Jason Morris

Eunice, LA, USA