About this fundraiser

Hi, my name is Vickie and I am Fundraising for my dear, close friend, Jeetendra Yadav. Last month, Jeet was admitted to Roanoke Memorial Hospital here in Virginia. He was suffering nausea, dizziness, and was losing weight fast. After three weeks of intensive testing, the doctors finally determined that he not only had tuberculosis, but he had a form of the illness that American doctors had just never seen. It's not in his lungs. The bacteria are all throughout his body, pooling particularly in his abdominal cavity. His abdomen is so swollen with the bacteria that he has severe back pain. It's also putting so much pressure on the organs in his chest that he's having trouble breathing and can't eat.

Luckily, one of the medical team was Doctor Ekta Bansal. Being from India herself, she was more familiar with what Jeet was going through than the rest of the team. After pronouncing him un-infectious, they sent him home into my care, at my house. The Health Department of Virginia visits several times a week to take samples, regulate his medications, and monitor his progress, while the team with the hospital continues to orchestrate his recovery. He became quite the celebrity there, as his rare illness has given them the opportunity to study and learn things they would not otherwise have had the opportunity to learn.

But here is where the help is needed. The Virginia Department of Health wants Jeet to recover for a full nine to twelve months before returning to any kind of work. Because of this, he lost the business he was running. Without being able to work, he has no way to pay his bills. I'm trying my best to help, but I'm already working four jobs to make my own bills. And with the kind of care he needs, I'd really have to give one of those up to be home with him. His rent is $1100 a month, as he has his own apartment, separate from me. His car payment is $384.40. Then there's electricity, auto insurance, phone, and internet. Add to all that, medicines, medical bills, food, and all other necessities. I have a full roster of bills of my own, and I'm afraid I just can't pay all my bills, plus all the bills of a second person. I work full time with Allstate, I run an Airbnb, I edit two magazines, and finally, I Uber to make up anything I may still be lacking to pay my bills each month.

Jeet has no family in America. No one else is willing to help. I really need your help. Please help Jeet to take care of his expenses while he recovers, and help me to be able to give up Ubering in the evenings and on weekends, so I can be here to prepare food, help him with his medications, do laundry, and just give him the stability he needs to get around without his weakness causing him to fall. Thank you so much. We'd both be so grateful for anything you can spare. God bless you all.

Organized by

Vickie Holt

Roanoke, VA, USA