Latest update as of Dec 29, 2023

  • Ryan to be Life Flighted 10am

    Prayers have been answered. Bleeding is under control.
    He will be moved by Life Flight and our ECMO Barbie ( one of Ryan’s other mommas) will fly by his side. He will be on a fixed wing flight and transported by ambulance to airport.

    We will be seeing Ryan shortly. His nurses are tending to him now.
    I’ll be sleeping on the floor , hopefully a chair, if room - no way am I leaving after last night.

    Earlier, Ryan was communicating and following commands from neurology staff. He hears Emmy’s voice and his eyes open.
    We know he was planning to ask Emmy to marry him so her dad agreed and said it could happen bedside . Ryan is worthy. Emmy’s dad asked “ you want to marry my daughter?” Ryan unmistakably nodded “yes”
    Opened his eyes for his future father in law.
    It was a moment as joyful as his birth cries.

    All neurological reports he is communicative and aware as he follows sequential commands

    Ryan can hear but he will be chemically paralyzed as he has tried to move. He will be heavily sedated and pain relief.

    Ryan’s Life Flight leaves at 10am for UC San Diego Hospital
    Get ready San Diego, Ryan is ready for your TLC
    Your Prayers move Mountains
    I’ll be driving to University San Diego alone in Brooke Arika car so it’s powerful, we got to this point.
    Love to the many people who have prayed and kept Ryan close in heart.

    You all have activated miracles.

About this fundraiser

  • Support Ryan Zwick's fight against heart failure! Urgent financial assistance needed for a heart transplant. Join us in this critical moment and make a difference. #RyanZwick #Heart4Ryan #HeartofaRyan #TeamRyanZwick


  • Ryan's Sudden and Devastating Medical Situation: Ryan Zwick is a 22 year old nursing student in Nevada, currently in desperate need of a heart transplant as a result of a COVID-19 infection. Only several weeks ago, Ryan came down with a mysterious illness. Initially presumed to be Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection (RSV), Ryan's condition quickly deteriorated and the doctors soon learned it was a viral heart infection. In the matter of a single week, Ryan went from the initial symptoms to the heart infection diagnosis. Not long after, we learned this was the result of an infection from the Coronavirus. Ryan doesn't have health insurance and is now in dire need of a new heart. On top of medical expenses, he is the primary source of income in the household he shares with his brother, Warren Jr. Ryan is a compassionate soul, extraordinarily kind and warm-hearted in nature.
  • Family History: Ryan Zwick is the son of Warren Zwick and Kari Moe Zwick. The Zwick family has suffered a number of losses in the past few years. Beginning with his uncle Wayne at 51 in 2016, his aunt Karen passed away only 6 days later at only 49 years old. Ryan's father, Warren, passed away in 2019, also at 49. Months later, Ryan's sister Brooke passed away, only 28. Most recently, Ryan lost his grandfather Lou in 2022. The family has suffered far too many losses of young lives, and we are determined to help Ryan not become another. He has so much life ahead of him, such a bright future.
  • Who is Ryan? When Ryan's father Warren passed away, Ryan, a high school senior months away from graduation at the time, selflessly stepped into the role of caretaker for his older brother, Warren Jr. He has dedicated his young life to caring for others and decided to pursue a career doing just that. Ryan studied to become a nurse and received his RN pin from Nevada State University on December 14th, 2023. Ryan is currently engaged to be married to his fiancée, Emmy, who remains faithfully by his side and provides much appreciated and anticipated updates on his condition.
  • A New Heart for a Kind Soul:  We are asking for urgent prayer and financial support for Ryan and his medical expenses he is incurring as he is in need of a heart. Every dollar helps! Please donate if you are able. Please keep Ryan in your prayers during this difficult time.

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