About this fundraiser

Kirkland is my 32-year-old son. He has a genetic disease, Alpha~1~Antitrypsin, that has caused him to need a new liver. He will have this lifesaving surgery at Mayo in Jacksonville. He has a few appointments left to handle and then he will be listed for an organ. Once listed we will relocate to Jacksonville (we have to be within a 6 hour radius of the hospital) to wait for an organ. After he has the transplant we will stay in Jacksonville for about 6 weeks (once discharged) and need to be cleared by the medical team before heading home. We then will return in 4 months for follow-ups. All funds raised will go to pay for copays, meds after transplant, Kirkland's bills (short term/long term disability payments are nowhere near enough to keep normal day to day life things going), lodging for several months, food, and anything that is needed for Kirkland during this process.  

I wish I had adequate words for thanking each and every one of you that have contributed to helping us with this journey. We are on a time crunch here as the hepatologist says that Kirkland will not survive a year without this transplant. No parents should ever hear those words spoken about their child.

Bless you for helping!!


Organized by

Keeli OCain

Brandon, MS, USA