About this fundraiser

My little brother, Jeremy Allen, fell into the family struggle of addiction. He has already OD'd multiple times and spent several months in a coma from drug use. His health is deteriorating and if he doesn't get away from the life he is currently trapped in he may not live many more years. I am currently in rehab myself and i truly believe that if i can help him get a spot up here with me that it will help him get his life turned around. I have talked with him and i truly believe he is ready to straighten up but i also know that although you are ready its not always easy. In fact once you are involved in and have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, its very hard to get away from it because as bad as u want to there is a sense of comfortability there. So I'm reaching out and asking everyone to help me get him a spot here in turning point. If i could I'd pay for it all myself, however being that I'm already here I cant afford to pay it on my own. Thank you so much for your help and prayers, God Bless You!

Organized by

Marc Black

Gainesville, GA, USA