About this fundraiser

I would formally like to introduce myself.I am Sherri Green and I am 44 yrs old. In 2015 my life changed I went to work one morning as always but that day changed my life forever. I was rushed to the hospital due to blurred vision. Unaware as to why I couldn't see. I was actually having mini strokes due to my blood pressure. After testing it was determined I needed immediate dialysis. I was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease.Lamons term "Kidney Disease".

I stayed in the hospital for 30 days.Fast forward Year 8. Many people don't understand my journey and I wanted to give you a glimpse. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday I wake up 5 in the morning to go to the doctor for treatment 3 1/2 hrs connected to a machine. It's hard most days and I get through.  I always hear "You don't look sick" Not everyone wears it well. Mentally it's hard and to you want to give up,but you can't! I just wanted to bring awareness to this disease. 

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Sheri Green

Tampa, FL, USA