About this fundraiser

I brought Luno home after finding him on the streets of La Pared, Puerto Rico. He was one of four kittens born to a street cat, and the only one of his litter to survive the car accident that took the lives of his siblings. Luno was left with a broken leg that went without treatment for weeks, resulting in an infection that almost ended his short life. He survived with the help of a few kind-hearted humans, but he was robbed of the opportunity to heal properly and regain the use of his front leg. A family living on the street where Luno was born fed him what they could, but they did not have the resources to care for him. Their love likely saved his life, as scavenging for food is extremely competitive among the overpopulated stray community and his injury disadvantaged him. 

I have invested as much as I can into giving Luno the best chance at his new life, but I don't have much money to spare as I am a recent college student trying to make ends meet after relocating across the country in search of a music therapy internship required for my degree. Luno was taken to an emergency vet in PR, and I was able to pay out of pocket for his x-rays, antibiotics, pain medication, topical antibiotic/anti-inflammatory cream, and his first rabies vaccine. He has recovered from the infection stemming from his leg, but I do not have the funds for Luno's follow-up appointment and subsequent treatment for the break itself. Here is the $2,000 cost estimate breakdown of potential solutions: 

X-rays: $250

Surgical fracture repair ($1,500) OR

Limb amputation ($1,500)

Follow-up appointment: $250

There will likely be more costs associated with Luno's recovery that I will handle as they arise, but ultimately my hope is to find a furever home for this sweet boy. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a 5-month-old kitten with a heartfelt backstory, please reach out for more info in the comments!

Fun Facts about Luno: He was given his name by the family that looked after him in La Pared. “Luno” means “moon” in Spanish (yes-he's bilingual)! He LOVES to snuggle and dislikes boundaries that prevent snuggling. He is blissfully unaware of the fact that his leg is broken, as he still tries to use it when kneading, scratching, and wrestling his foster sisters. Luno will literally eat anything; documented items include raw tofu, apricots, and pizza boxes. He is the best climber of the 10+ cats we have fostered, and the only one to not have four functional legs! He likes being around other cats, but is terrified of dogs.

Organized by

Aria Ranallo

Burbank, CA, USA