About this fundraiser

My name is Kathryn Wagner and I have been suffering with an undiagnosed Autoimmune disease (Suspected Lupus SLE) for over 2 years now. I no longer have insurance so I haven't been able to see the Rheumatologist to get an official diagnosis. One of the symptoms of Lupus is Pleurisy and or Costochondritis. Both are caused by inflammation in or around rib cage and chest cavity and lung area. And due to the inflammation its extremely painful to have any pressure in and around the whole area effected. 

I haven't been able to wear a bra or even any clothing with the slightest bit of pressure around my whole torso in over a year.  And being a woman..a 40 yr old mother of 2, it's been extremely embarrassing that I cannot wear a bra out in public. I have very noticeable sagging in my chest area  So I avoid leaving the house at all costs. I cannot afford cosmetic surgery on my own but a Breast Augmentation/Lift would help my quality of life tremendously 

1..It would ease the pressure I have currently due to sagging and weight on my torso


2.. It would dramatically help my mental health and overall quality of life. I would feel comfortable leaving the house again. 


Organized by

Kathryn Wagner

The Dalles, OR, USA