About this fundraiser

I am in desperate need of funding for my dental needs . I need extractions, bone graphing and new teeth . I haven't been able to get a job in the industry I studied for in college because of the simple fact as soon as I smile the interview is over . I have a hard time eating food so my health is suffering due to the limited things I can eat/drink. 

Your donation will help me not only to digest food properly and start getting healthy again , maybe I can land my dream job and become a motivational speaker on Leadership and management. I believe I have a lot to offer society but I am too embarrassed and no one seems to want to look past my dental issues so I can earn money and have no need to ask for donations. 

I am only asking for a portion of the $22,000 dental bill because I have tried all I could to come up with for the money , I have even taken a Early withdraw from my retirement but I could only take so much and it's not nearly enough to cover the cost. I am hoping to get some help so I can start the process . Each day that passes my health is suffering and just to be pain free, eat and smile again would be such a blessing . Please help, I'm desperate . 

I have had dental issues since I can remember , at 8 years old I had 8 cavities and fillings , wasn't able to see a dentist again for 10 years and when I did my teeth just started to crumble to pieces literally , it seemed every tooth that was touched from that point on was lost . I have never been on drugs But I know people think that based on my teeth, I desperately need to change that . I have worked hard all my life and I just want to be able to feel normal and look normal again. I want to smile again, something I am constantly avoiding . I appreciate your time, attention and help with this funding , Thank you ! 

Organized by

Elizabeth C

Lansing, MI, USA