About this fundraiser

I am Amos NuQuay, and on August 19, 2023, I was involved in fatal motor vehicle accident, where my vehicle got totaled by a stolen, hit-and-run vehicle (the driver ran away). As a result, I was transported to the hospital by an ambulance immediately. I was hospitalized and treated for concussion to my head, severe back and neck pain and weakness in both right leg and arm. In spite of the treatment I received from the hospital, along with my chiropractic treatment,  I am still experiencing a stiff neck (I can’t rotate my head any longer), occasional headache and a painful right arm. I just can’t sit up still for long anymore. My chiropractor let me know that it’s going to be a bit long road to full recovery.

Because I carried only liability insurance on my policy, I was unable to file a claim for property damage and bodily injuries with my insurance company.  Due to fact that the other vehicle was stolen, according to police records, the at-fault vehicle insurance company will not settle any claims.

Therefore, I have come on here to ask for your financial assistance,  which will enable me pay off these mounting medical and chiropractor bills. They have got me so stressed out; they are weighing on my mind like a piece of 100 pound weight. 
I’d like to thank you for your empathy and assistance. 


Organized by

Amos N

Columbus, Ohio, USA