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    Hello all,
    So sorry it's been so long since I last posted. Life has been very busy and I've tried to spend all my free moments with my sister. On November 1st, she was transferred to Wellspan Surgery and Rehab Hospital to begin intense PT/OT/SLP. She wasn't at all ready to do an hour each of all therapies (3 hours a day) 5 days a week. She was still in alot of pain and still very cognitively delayed, not understanding conversations or comprehending questions and not appropriately answering questions.

    Initially all her surgeries were refused due to her intense pain in her back, her surgical wounds and her left sided neuropathy/paralysis. Tjey wete not allowing her anything but Tylenol for the pain but after advocating for her, she now has pain and nerve meds on board.

    The doctors found about 2 weeks in she has left foot drop and ordered her an AFO brace to help. She has struggled with it and it's causing skin breakdown but we've ordered her new, bigger shoes in hopes it'll her her to walk. This past week she's made great strides in moving, walking with a walker, and doing therapies (the pain meds helped make that happen).

    Multiple attempts were made at discontinuing her TPN but she's not tolerating oral foods and has daily nausea/vomiting. It's looking like she may go home on the feeding/PICC line. They tried appetite stimulants and attempting her favorite foods but she eats maybe 2 bites and then feels sick.

    As far as her cognition, she was having episodes of delirium and hallucinations but that has since subsided (some of it was medication based). She still has weakness and pretty bad tremors but were hoping that'll subside with time.

    Her biggest challenge still remains the left sided paralysis/neuropathy, foot drop, and cognitive delay. She's improving everyday though. Some days are still tough but we're beginning to see more good days than bad.

    They are looking to tentatively discharge her home on Dec 7th with home health nursing, PT, OT and speech and whatever other services she may need. She will remain on disability and may possibly lose her job if she doesn't return by the end of her short term disability which ends Jan 3rd.

    Please continue to pray for her. She wanted me to thank everyone for their prayers, support and donations to help her pay her living expenses. As always, we ask that you share this fundraiser and donate any amount whether it be $1, $100, or $1000. We VERY MUCH APPRECIATE ANY HELP. Her medical bills are insanely high and she's very worried about losing her home, car, etc. But we know God has it all handled and He's our refuge in times of trouble. We wish you all a blessed Merry Christmas and safe and healthy New Year. God Bless!

About this fundraiser

Hello. My sister Lenka suffered a tremendous pulmonary embolism after routine surgery that has devastated her body and put her into cardiac ICU going on 10 days now. Her entire right lung is full of clots and half of her left. She has since needed 3 more emergency surgeries. With the last surgery she vomited and aspirated bile contents into her lungs as they were trying to intubate her. She coded on the table and now is on complete life support. She is deeply sedated on a ventilator and has an ECMO machine circulating her blood. Her young daughter has been devastated by this. Palliative care has been consulted.  PLEASE, PLEASE help us raise funds for the ASTRONOMICAL expenses my niece will incur. She's a 21 year old college student who stands to lose her mother, home, car, and ability to finish college. My sister covered all those expenses.  My sister is only 48 years old and her body is worn out and tired. We still believe in miracles and are praying nonstop that God is going to heal her. We have many prayer chains in place as well as the hospital spiritual team. If you are unable to donate, please pray that her body will be healed and that God provides the donations that are very much needed at this time. Also, we plead with all to please share this fundraiser. We thank God for any donation you are lead to give, no matter how small. God bless you. 

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